Hey, men!!

A word to men: If you feel apprehensive about going into a yoga class and not knowing what you are doing. If you are worried about feeling embarrassed as you fumble among a room full of bendy women. Let’s work together, privately, with your partner or in a small group to help you learn enough about how to move your body and how to adjust your attitude so that you can feel OK about going into a class. Or, you can learn enough to get you started with your own home practice. A few private lessons can help to launch you into a life-time of yoga practice that is sure to positively impact you and everyone with whom you interact.

You don’t have to be “flexible” to practice yoga. In fact, if you’re not “flexible,” practicing yoga will help you to open up tight areas of your body, of which you may be very aware, as well as others that you may not even know exist. Yoga is not about achieving certain postures. Rather, as your body becomes more open and stronger, as you gain more confidence, as you learn to move past your own personal obstacles, you will be able to move your body into positions that, right now, may seem impossible. Trust me, I have worked for every pose that I, now, feel somewhat confident in and plan to, forever, continue to prepare my body for those still elusive poses. We can let go of the notion of  “mastering” yoga. Yoga is so vast that we never will, nor do we have to in order to reap the many benefits of a regular yoga practice.

As we move around on our yoga mats, we have opportunities to observe the attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that we carry around in the world. We have a chance to challenge the beliefs that we hold about ourselves and others. We have a chance to grow beyond our pre-programmed notions of who we are.

Call or email me to get started. I will come to you at your place or we’ll meet and practice in a safe, private place.