I have been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years. I have taught most every format of group exercise there is. Although I have very much enjoyed teaching these formats, I found it difficult to ignore the recurring thoughts that I had that something was missing. It was fun to move to the music and sweat and get stronger and leaner and, yet, there seemed to be an element missing from all of that. When I started to move past the initial, clumsy, awkward phase of being a yoga beginner, I began to access, what I think, was that element missing for all those years. I’m not sure what to call it: connection? peace? Whatever it is, I like it. Yoga has done wonderful things for my body. At age 62, my joints are more mobile, my muscles longer and stronger. I move with greater ease. I feel more confident, calmer, safer, trusting, less urgent. I feel things that I want to share with everyone, things that I want everyone to have in their lives.

My teaching schedule is available by clicking the “George’s Classes” button. I’ll be adding information and links to articles that I think are of interest. Email me if there’s something you’d like me to include.  Feel free to post your thoughts and/or your yoga story on the “Home” tab.


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